Hi, World.

bowieI’ve decided to venture into the world of blogging. But instead of settling on a theme for this blog, I am going to take a piecemeal approach, delving into an assortment of interesting topics without any real organizing principle. A central theme will probably emerge in time, but I like the freedom this approach affords. I do, however, have at least one aim for this project from its inception—to become a better writer.

I recently graduated college after majoring in philosophy, which made for a very enjoyable academic career grappling with profound questions whose sheer richness, difficulty, and abstractness provided me with an unwarranted sense of smugness. But I’ve since abandoned such pretentiousness.

I hope writing this blog will palliate my job search blues by becoming an outlet for my creative urges.


6 thoughts on “Hi, World.

  1. bravo bravo…………..finally the seed has been planted…now my friends of words and ideas…..let it grow

  2. This is exciting! When the blog takes off, and you sell the rights to it for a schmaltzy “Julie & Julia”-type movie, I will take satisfaction in having provided the first (real?) blog comment.


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